22 September 2021
Protest at Dombrouka in Minsk8 month ago
Protest at Dombrouka in Minsk
Protest in Krasniy Bor8 month ago
Protest in Krasniy Bor
Joint Forces Operation: 1 ceasefire violation yesterday
Protest at Zialoniy Luh in Minsk8 month ago
Protest at Zialoniy Luh in Minsk
Protest in Hrodna
​​6 113 нових випадків коронавірусної хвороби COVID19 зафіксовано в Україні станом на 27 грудня 2020 року. Зокрема, захворіли 277 дітей та 153 медпрацівники.Також за минулу добу⤵️ ▪️госпіталізовано – 1 674 особи; ▪️летальних випадків – 72; ▪️одужало – 6 621 особа; ▪️здійснено тестувань за добу – 24 978 (зокрема методом ПЛР – 19 543, методом ІФА – 5 435).За весь час пандемії в Україні⤵️ ?захворіло – 1 025 989 осіб; ?одужало – 658 538 осіб; ?летальних випадків – 17 774; ?проведено ПЛР-тестувань – 5 472 989.За останню добу найбільша кількість підтверджених випадків зареєстрована у м. Київ (718), Дніпропетровській (537), Одеській (515), Запорізькій (453) та Миколаївській (414) областях.Кількість захворювань в регіонах:м. Київ – 107 204 випадки;Вінницька область – 21 960 випадків;Волинська область – 32 429 випадків;Дніпропетровська область – 56 893 випадки;Донецька область – 34 929 випадків;Житомирська область – 38 494 випадки;Закарпатська область – 27 828 випадків;Запорізька область – 51 703 випадки;Івано-Франківська область – 42 828 випадків;Київська область – 57 331 випадок;Кіровоградська область – 8 225 випадків;Луганська область – 9 982 випадки;Львівська область – 59 798 випадків;Миколаївська область – 29 531 випадок;Одеська область – 68 962 випадки;Полтавська область – 34 600 випадків;Рівненська область – 40 295 випадків;Сумська область – 40 047 випадків;Тернопільська область – 33 452 випадки;Харківська область – 67 868 випадків;Херсонська область – 17 067 випадків;Хмельницька область – 38 378 випадків;Черкаська область – 37 617 випадків;Чернівецька область – 39 422 випадки;Чернігівська область – 29 146 випадків.Дані з тимчасово окупованих територій АР Крим, Донецької, Луганської областей та міста Севастополя відсутні.
8 month ago
Hungary and Slovakia started coronavirus vaccinations today. the Czech Republic is going back into lockdown. In view of the increasing number of cases, the highest coronavirus warning level will apply there from tomorrow
8 month ago
By ruling in favour of the Russian government, the Constitutional Court overruled the Hague International Arbitration ruling from 2014 which obliged Russia to pay $57 billion in damages to former Yukos oil company shareholders
PPDA announces that it will go on Monday to consultations with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu
Joint Forces Operation: 4 ceasefire violations yesterday
8 month ago
Uruchye, Military town and Novaya Borovaya held a joint march
8 month ago
Kosovo Government says Serbia smuggled its Covid19 vaccines into north of the country, 'will take proper legal actions'
8 month ago
Lavrov discussed on the phone with the Armenian Foreign Minister the problems of the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement and the implementation of the trilateral statement on Karabakh, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.
8 month ago
Coronavirus: Russia records 567 deaths and 29,258 new infections
7709 new covid19 confirmed in Ukraine8 month ago
7709 new covid19 confirmed in Ukraine
Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic was hospitalized with pneumonia, while all coronavirus tests showed negative results.
In Pskov BMD-4 IFV accidentally targeted Fiord Plaza mall with gun. No casualties. 300 people evacuated
9 month ago
Lukashenka says Belarusian security forces exposed "the terrorist cell of Avtukhovich", which prepared attacks, brought "tonnes of weapons and ammunition from Ukraine"
9 month ago
Putin discussed the situation in the CIS countries with permanent members of the Russian Security Council. "This is one of the most important, if not the most important, the most important area of our work on the foreign policy track" - Putin
9 month ago
President Zelensky says that if Russia attacks from Crimea, both men and women will be mobilized. "Let's hope it's impossible. Otherwise there will be a big war," Zelensky added
Russia is quarantining people from Britain for 14 days due to the mutated Coronavirus
Montenegro's new government yesterday ordered the closure of Montenegro Airlines, citing debts racked up under previous governments
9 month ago
Coronavirus: Russia records 563 deaths and 29,000 injuries within 24 hours
9 month ago
Joint Forces Operation: 5 ceasefire violations yesterday, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
9 month ago
FSB foiled terror attack in Tambov, 17y.o. was detained, materials for bomb production seized
11035 new covid19 infections confirmed in Ukraine9 month ago
11035 new covid19 infections confirmed in Ukraine
9 month ago
Russia's top officer reminds U.S. The START Treaty expires on February 5th. "After that date, neither Russia nor the United States will have any restrictions" on the number of nuclear warheads each side can deploy, Gen. Valery Gerasimov warns in Christmas Eve message
9 month ago
The vaccination against coronavirus officially began in Serbia. PM Ana Brnabić was among the first ones to receive one of the 4,875 doses of Pfizer vaccine, which arrived on Tuesday
Romania has reported over 600 thousand infections with COVID19 since the start of the pandemic. Nearly 85% of the people infected have recovered. Over 4,300 new cases and 146 related fatalities were announced on Thursday by the Group for Strategic Communication
9 month ago
The extension of military confrontation to cyberspace and outer space increases the risk of using nuclear weapons, said the Russian General Staff
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