16 September 2021
Nosegear of Turkish Airlines flight #TK467 Boeing 737-800 collapsed on landing at Odessa Airport
As Schiff is talking Graham's office sends this": Graham Requests State Department Documents on Bidens, Obama Administration Officials and Ukraine
1 year ago
Putin has awarded the families of those who died as result of nuclear incident near Severodvinsk. Says "Russia will improve its advanced weapons more"
Donald Tusk promises to fight "populists and autocrats" as new EPP president
Rally in Kyiv on the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity(Euromaidan)1 year ago
Rally in Kyiv on the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity(Euromaidan)
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry says that video of "GRU recruiter in Serbia" is a provocation, as man who received money is not Serbian security service agent
Holmes testifies that Ukrainians are in need of U.S. support to this day - as Zelenskyy seeks to arrange a summit meeting with Putin, Zelenskyy "needs President Putin to understand America supports" him at "the highest levels"
Fiona Hill, former top Russia expert for the White House: "I have heard some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia" didn't meddle in the 2016 election "and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative."
1 year ago
[email protected]: ...President Trump said the Ukraine President should just do the right thing (No Quid Pro Quo). You shouldn't charge, but you cannot convict, a sitting president on the basis of conflicting and ambiguous evidence, and destabilize the American Government." Thank you Ken
Holmes: "At a time of shifting allegiances and rising competitors in the world, we have no better friend than Ukraine – a scrappy, unbowed, determined, and above all dignified people who are standing up against Russian authoritarianism and aggression. They deserve better."
DAVID HOLMES: "Ukrainians cherish their bipartisan American support that has sustained their Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and they recoil at the thought of playing a role in U.S. domestic politics or elections."
Holmes: "We have no better friends than Ukraine"
Holmes suggests Energy Sec Rick Perry was running a third irregular channel between Trump admin and Ukraine, holding meetings with top Ukrainian officials and excluding embassy staff from them. Perry's swift resignation suggests there's more to this story than what we know today
Holmes on July 25 call: "I was deeply disappointed to see that the President raised none of what I understood to be our inter-agency agreed-upon foreign policy priorities in Ukraine and instead raised the Biden/Burisma investigation and referred to the theory about Crowdstrike"
Holmes says Trump's meeting with Putin on June 28 in Osaka sent "a further signal of lack of support for Ukraine."
Holmes says on April 25, Ivan Bakanov, then top Zelensky advisor who's head of the Security Services of Ukraine, "indicated to me privately he had been contacted by 'someone named Giuliani who said he was an advisor to the Vice President.'"
Holmes is drawing a straight line between Yovanovitch supporting anti-corruption measures in Ukraine, and Lutsenko's attempts to defame her and cultivate a relationship with Giuliani
David Holmes testifies that policy priorities in Ukraine, including support against Russian aggression, "became overshadowed by a political agenda being promoted by . Giuliani and a cadre of officials operating with a direct channel to the White House."
Holmes says U.S. embassy in Ukraine learned that Lutsenko complained that Yovanovitch had "destroyed him" - hence the smear campaign
1 year ago
IAEA: Will decide later if the nuclear file should be returned to the Security Council
1 year ago
[email protected]: I never in my wildest dreams thought my name would in any way be associated with the ugly word, Impeachment. The calls (Transcripts) were PERFECT, there was NOTHING said that was wrong. No pressure on Ukraine. Great corruption & dishonesty by Schiff on the other side
More than $35 million of the roughly $400 million in aid to Ukraine that Trump delayed has not been released to the country, according to a Pentagon spending document obtained by @latimes
Hundreds are protesting in Sarajevo today over shocking images of alleged mistreatment of children in a govt-run care centre, which were shown to the public by Federation entity MP Sabina Cudic yesterday.
Fiona Hill adds: "In the course of this investigation, I would ask that you please not promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests."
After hundreds of Sarajevo residents gathered in front of Bosnia's Federation Govt to protest agst inhumane treatment of mentally challenged children in Pazaric home, few reps were invited to meet the officials
In her opening statement, Fiona Hill goes after Republican lawmakers for pushing allegations of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election
1 year ago
Nord Stream-2 will start operating in mid-2020 - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Kozak
1 year ago
Director General of IAEA: Iran resumes enrichment activities at Fordow reactor
2x USAF RQ-4 Global Hawk arround Kaliningrad again today FIXER10/FORTE10
FSB: Ukraine received its boats in "normal condition and with toilets"
1 year ago
Russia's Gazprom to sell 3.6% stake worth $3.3 billion
1 year ago
Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 7 times. 7 soldiers were wounded
1 year ago
[email protected]: Impeachment Witch Hunt is OVER. Ambassador Sondland asks U.S. President (me): "What do you want from Ukraine I keep hearing all these different ideas & theories. What do you want It was a very abrupt conversation. He was not in a good mood. He (the President) just said,"
[email protected] office challenges Sondland's testimony, issues statement from @marcshort45 saying Sept. 1 Pence/Sondland meeting in Poland "never happened."
Ukrainian navy reports its 3 military vessels attacked and illegally seized by Russia in Kerch Strait in November 2018 and returned to Ukraine on Monday had been vandalized and could not move under own power
Amb. Sondland says that telling President Trump in a phone call that Ukrainian President Zelenskiy "loves your ass" does "sound like something that I would say," and adds that he and the president communicate "in a lot of 3- and 4-letter words."
"If we wanted to get anything done with Ukraine, it was apparent we needed to talk to" @RudyGiuliani, testifies @USAmbEU
President Zelensky visited the opening of new footbridge in Stanitsa Luhanska
"By the end of the August, my belief was that if Ukraine did something to demonstrate a serious intention to fight corruption -and specifically addressing Burisma and the 2016 (server issue) - then the hold on military aid would be lifted," testifies @USAmbEU
The FSB says it's caught Russian soldier spying for the Ukrainians
Gordon Sondland, a key ambassador testifying today in the impeachment inquiry, kept Secretary of State Mike Pompeo updated as the Ukraine pressure campaign unfolded
1 year ago
Bahraini Foreign Minister: Russian role is important to solve the Syrian crisis
1 year ago
Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 11 times.
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